Mixed Wrestling! Men on a Mission!

Some Men are on a Mission! They want to Face the Truth! They want to find out what it means to fight a Strong Woman! It is called Mixed Wrestling but infact here it is 10 seconds Mixed Fighting till i break their Resistance and the Rest is their Punishment, Pure Muscledomination i do then and for Cheeky Guys it is also Humiliation! It depends on if i like the Guy or not! I am not a Domina! I am real dominant! So i Show Mercy to good guys and i destroy assholes! No matter what they want! This is not a Service it is an Experience! It is not Roleplay! It can turn out deadly! Never Forget this Fact! Monsieur Poulpe was a nice Funny Guy. I can not hurt These Guys much! Actually they „piss their Pants“ infront of me so my mother Instinct tell me to give him love my way! lol So what you see here is more my Kind of Making Love! So good Guys i smother out with a Juicy Facesit or with a Titsmother under my Big Heavy Boobs! Assholes get their Bones Crushed before they Pass out! These are the differences! Men got no Chance vs a Strong Woman! Never! Important for me to Show this and to Impress al men who come to me! I Need a real Wrestlingstudio for it! My Female Fightclub Berlin! The Hotelbed Wrestling what the Female Sessiontravelers do makes no sense for me. I can not accomplish my Mission in a Hotel Bed! These Videos prove what i say.


Mixed Wrestling Takedown! Resistance broken!
Titsmother Finish
Under the Pressure of a Strong Woman -a Man is a poor helpless Bug! Here the Rear Naked Choke Bodyscissor Crush Combination!
This also make him Sleep!
Filming Female Superiority! Women film here how Women crush Men!
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Start Squeezing Slow. My Headscissor breaks Necks and Skulls. Should i Squeeze harder now? Phyton Pressure! Anna Konda squeeze!
The Amazon Couch! Means for Amazons ONLY! Not for men!
The Next!
The Next who booked a Flight!
Some Rest! Me at Night in my Female Fightclub Berlin
More Female Fightclub Berlin at Night! The Catwalk Floor, the Oilwrestling Corner and the Doors to the Wrestling Rooms.

watch me doing Mixed Wrestling Matches and Muscledomination HERE!

more Informations about my Studio the Female Fightclub Berlin HERE!

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