Mixed Wrestling News.

Mixed Wrestling BBW Muscles destroy Men with ease

Mixed Wrestling vs Anna Konda is the same like Muscledomination with Anna Konda! Why? Because noone can resist me no matter how hard he try. I break the resistance so fast always that also Mixed Wrestling turns out to Muscledomination soon. Watch a Man compared to a Big Strong Trained Woman like me. No Chance for him. No Way! I take him down and knock him out in my Headscissor without any Effort.

Another Day -Another Head. Yes -in a PlasticBag If i Crush his Skull now i dont must clean my Mats. IF! But relax Guys in this Case i only knock him out! But the Plastic Bag Method is a really good way to do it. It´s more comfortable for me.

Auch mal? You too? -contact http://www.anna-konda.deFull Action on Video to Download http://www.clips4sale.com/store/40235

Grapevine. Another Day another Clown -ehm Guy! lol I got him safe. My Legs Squeeze his Ribs hard, Stopping his breath and bloodflow and i feel how the Ribs of this Shrimp Crackle under my mighty Feminine Pressure!

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