The Female Legprison

A Headscissor is only really Deadly, Crushing and Knock the Victim out when you see the Head turns Purple and the Eyes Come out before.  Here some Proves. Mens Heads -Catched in the Deadly Female Legprison.

Nur wenn der Kopf Lila wird und die Augen rauskommen könnt ihr glauben das diese Frau locker einen Schädel zwischen ihren Beinen zerquetschen kann. Hier ein paar Beweise dafür.  Eure Schädel gefangen von tödlichen dicken weiblichen Muskelschenkeln und ihnen völlig hilflos ausgeliefert!

He smell my deadly Power. I wear no thong, no Pants. My legs knock him out slow and easy. I Show him the Female way to kill a Man! We kill different. It is an Event. Hot and sexy Crushing!
I got this skull at the Crushpoint now! Watch the Eyes and the Veins and the Color. Doing this means a high Stroke Risk for him also if i release before his skull expload. You women must know when you do this at home with your boyfriend that also this can end deadly for him. be careful.
Just Holding for me but he is still at the breaking Point!
A Little More and it all Comes to an end! In this Position it breaks the Skull Completly
In this Position i break Jaws and Yoke.
Killing by Headscissor is a Mercyful Dead because i can make them Sleep before i break their Skulls or Necks. Another Purple Head!
This Legscissor is different. It dont makes the Skull Pop. You see his head dont turn Blue. But my Legs Cut his head from his Spine this way. Like a Bottle Opener does this works! All it Needs is a Little flexing my Muscles and if i turn a Little to the left with his head between my legs it breaks his neck too! You see his Panic because he feel it. Controlling or breaking his Legs before starting this makes it more Safe like you see me doing it.

women -if you got strong legs and consider to crush a guys skull between them -then make sure having a plastic bag there to cover his head before. if not you got all the dirt on the mat.
In this Position also the Ribcage can not move under the pressure you see. the heart can not beat too! too much pressure. so first bloodflow and breath are stopped. step one. this is enough to kill. it kills slow. you see. but for a Highlight at the end step 2 would follow. Squeezing more and Breaking the Skull from the Jaw to the Skullbase up Bone by Bone!
Starting the Execution. Skull intact!
Finishing it. Skull broken!


Skullcrushing Headscissor. His Arms dislocated first then starting the Squeeze.


Ribcrushing Bodyscissor. It´s also easy to kill a Guy by making his Ribcage Collapse to a Pulp of Flesh and Bones but it is dirty and painful always. A very Cruel Way to kill! You can see his Pain. His Hands seem to pray! hahaha He can not breath and his Heart can not beat! My legs dont allow it!
Big Strong Female Legs are Deadly Guns. We are different than men. Our Anatomy makes our Legs to Nutcrackers! Men are not able to do what i can do with my Legs. It is my Profession so dont call me mad only because you see here what i do. It is my Mission to show my Power. Deadly Power. Bones Break and People die -so what???!
I also love to talk about it in TV Talkshows like here. Being the Executrix i am!

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