Crushing Female Wrestling Anna Konda Style

try fighting me babe. female Wrestling crushes.
her resistance is broken. my grip dont let her move anymore. female Wrestling knockout only with my Hand. i strangle her.

she give her best but i Show how to kill. teaching the lesson how easy it is to kill someone -for a woman like me.

anna konda kill a girl
this breaks her skull and neck
Anna Konda kill a Girl
…and with this move i also broke her back
Anna Konda destroyed a Female Wrestler
how to destroy. Finale Move: Overhead Lift

I am the fucking strongest! Noone is strong like me!

Gnadenlose tödliche Crocodile Role! Alle meine Female Wrestling Fights seht ihr HIER!

I looove to crush. I love the Feeling when bones break under the pressure of my Mighty Female Muscles. But when they suck my Cunt they can be my slut forever! Am i lesbian? Yes i think this fucking female Wrestling Thing changed my sexual Lifestyle much! I love to succumb other Girls to enslave them. It turns me on!

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