My Matriachism Concept of Feminism! Meine matriarchisches Konzept. Anna Konda Feminismus

Important to Show all Women how Important it is to be strong like me for a Woman! I can easily kill average size Female Fighters/Wrestlers.

and when i Show my real Lifestyle and what i do every day with my inferior husband on Portals like xhamster premium -then everyone know it is no roleplay what i do! just click!

no roleplay. real life Action always. watch this weak pussycleaner! (the Videos are some years old i am 20kg heavier now, more muscles and power)

men must always realize how is Boss and who is inferior gender!

here you see my handouts and Posters. you can purchase by Website contact

8 seitige Broschüre zur A4 und Poster in A0 über meine Website zu beziehen. Zur PDF Vorschau auf die Links clicken! PDF Preview for Brochure and Poster!



i am done with him!

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