Lucrecia vs Anna Konda Super Heavyweight Female Wrestling

120kg Lucrecia gegen 115kg Anna Konda. Super Heavyweight Female Wrestling. The Strongest European Female Wrestler fight in the Female Fightclub Berlin. It is the Rematch. You see this time it is getting harder for Anna Konda. Lucrecia know her this time and is prepared well. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FIGHT (UPLOADED AFTER EASTER) 6Rounds Overall 

Watch These Faces. Lucrecias look say -this time i beat you. And Anna -watch my Body! This Nut you will not crack!

This is a Typical Moment for the Female Fightclub Berlin. A Wet XXL Bra Drys on the Punching Bag! hehe. Lucrecia sitting on the Amazons Couch communicating with her Fans about the Fight. This Couch is the Throne of Power in the Female Fightclub Berlin. It´s for the leading Amazon.

and yes my fans. i know you hate it to see me in positions like that. Overpowered!

sorry but all i can do is to give my best to beat that Giant. this is what i done! It was not enough that day! and she continued there where the first fight ended. if you remember.

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