I love Girls! Meine lesbische Seite.

Was uns von allen anderen Wrestlingstudios unterscheidet ist, das hier die Frauen im Mittelpunkt stehen und nicht die Interessen der Männer. Was wir hier machen ist von Frauen für Frauen. Wenn es auch Männern gefällt gut. Wenn nicht -egal! Ich glaube grade das ist auch das Konzept das den Leuten gefällt, egal ob den Männern oder Frauen. Der Blick durchs Schlüsselloch den wir gewähren! Wir Frauen trainieren zusammen und kämpfen gegeneinander. Unsere Körper stehen dabei im Mittelpunkt unseres Interesses. Unsere eigenen Körper meine ich damit! Aber mit der Zeit hat dies bei mir dazu geführt das ich mehr Spass mit weiblichen Körpern habe als mit Männlichen! Aber wohlgemerkt nur mit den Frauen die auch gerne kämpfen und was drauf haben. Keine Ahnung ob das bedeutet das ich zu einer Lesbe geworden bin. Es konzentriert sich eigentlich nur auf das was sich hier im Studio abspielt. Ansonsten hat sich bei mir nicht viel geändert. Ich besiege und dominiere gerne beide Geschlechter. Aber wenn ich eine Frau besiege und dominiere habe ich mehr Spass.

what makes us different here too all other wrestlingstudios is,  what we do is made for women! not for men first! women come first! we fight and Train to be stronger than the other. stronger than all. we love our strong Bodys. so i started to love These women who like the same Thing. men bored me more and more. it turned me to fight hard with women and to dominate the loser finaly. sure -i do this with men too but with women it is more fun with me. i love to dominate men and women but with women i enjoy it more. here you see old Pictures first. my first steps and first fight contact with female Bodys.

Anna Konda vs Big Lara. Who got Mighty Big Boobs is Big and Mighty often!
Farmgirl Lara was the first Women ever who made me give up a round! It was an very impressive view i had there. No escape! Big Boobs, Big Power! Finaly i won with a Headscissor but before she made me some hard times!


i like to fight naked. not because someone pay more. because -why not?! it Shows powerful female Bodys! She try to get me! ich kämpfe gerne nackt. warum nicht?! wenn ich das tu zeigt es den starken weiblichen Körper im Einsatz! Sie versucht mich unter kontrolle zu bringen! Umsonst!


in a naked fight the best prove to make everyone believe it is no porn Show is to break the Girl here. i destroy her in my Bodyscissor! She screams while she feel her ribs crushing! Game over for her!


It is a Magic Moment when the resistance is broken and i feel she pass out. same time she feel i will kill her. also if i let her out before i finish her off the Moment before is Magic! i enjoy it much to got her life between my legs! It settles the Roles! Master and Servant. I made her my slave so!
i press her whole face deep inside my big cunt. slip aside! i make her pass out there first time to impress her. i dont wont to kill her. only giving her the Feeling i would! in this Position it is easier to kill her than to let the victim alive. because i must lift up a Little to give her some air. or i suffocate her accidently! i take care for her! and she will realize it and be thankful for it.


It is a Magic Moment when loser is trapped in Pussy Prison! lol
come on straight Girl. Show more love to my mighty cunt!
i love Girls. straight Fitness chicks are my favourite Masturbation toys!
here i make her pass out to Show her how easy my mighty boobs can suffocate her.
after i smothered her and knocked her out in my titsmother the straight Girl follow my orders and suck and lick my mighty boobs!
she came as my challenger and left as my slut. she was defeated fast, she licked my cunt, she sucked my boobs! owned and impressed she try to stand up but her knees are still to weak! will i let her go?
here you see how a Girl fall in sleep in my jawbreaker skullcrushing headscissor. what happens with her now is that the pressure of my flexed muscles stop the bloodflow in her Body completly and also the breath because victims ribcage can not move. so she experience a knockout here. same time my legs work over her skull. what breaks first is the jaw and then the whole head would Pop. sure i only knock her out here and dont crush her skull. she is my Girl. but i done it with others and this Picture Show best way how easy this is for my legs. without crossing my legs as you see. the female anatonomy gives me this skill. my wide hips, my heavy build muscle vice. only women are strong like that.
Black White domination with Madame caramel. between our legs a male victim below. This Picture tells alot about my Relationship to men and women!
after i have beaten and dominated some Girls i always love to watch them fighting each other. or before i fight them. as an apitizer for me and my Needs.
and then big mommy want to make them her toy! i love my toys! come on Girl -struggle. give me what you got!
with only a litte pressure of my legs i strangle her with her own arms. she pass out and i can watch deep into her eyes when she pass. this is really sexy. i get wet doing it! sweet dreams Girl!

i grab her legs and can feel so exactly when the knockout Comes. nice Long faceride!


i love it when they try to work me over but finaly i get them all. Girls Show me love! It is better for you! hehe I am a violent Woman!

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