How i spended my Summer. Mein Sommer.

Same like every Year. In my Summerhouse at the Baltic Sea! Training at the Beach. Weightlifting on the Terrace of my Summerhouse and dominating my Hubby! This Shrimp! Wie in jedem Jahr in meinem Sommerhaus an der Ostsee! Wie immer nackt oder fast nackt.



I Train Nude on the Terrace of my Summerhouse
I spend my Summer Nude or in Sexy Outfits. If in my Summerhouse or at the Beach! My Boobs are D-Cup Size
It Feels much better to Train nude. My Cunt is always wet and so it can drop down. Hubby Clean it with a Towel between the Sets.
Watch this Mighty 115kg Female Body at work! Like Shehulk
My Public Outfit.
I Train Outdoor with Weights at Public Places. Ass and Cunt are always free and the Dress is only to Accent my Strong female Body!
Here i have audience. A Tourist Ship Comes by and People watch me.
Who disturb is in Trouble. I love to beat People up and to dominate them this way in at Public Places. Also my Hubby! I like it much if Familys see this. Suprised Tourists.
I got him.
I put him on a Bench and sit down on him! Take my Cunt!
Take it! Always dripping wet, slippery, Salty, Spicy!
So proud to be a Woman. Happy to be gifted with this Superior Female Body!
Relaxed after i forced his Head to satisfy my Cunt!
Legpower Training. Crushing Balls between my Thights. Imagine what those Legs can do with your Body!
I am faster than you. You can not Escape me. I am 115kg and noone is fast like me in deep sand. Imagine what happens if i Bodyslam you now with full Speed!
I catch your neck like the Fox a Chicken. No Escape!
Predator and Prey. I catched my Prey. He is secured.
Labia spreading so my Labia cover his face completly.
Suffocation Situation
All that Shows you how deadly the Female Anatomie is! Now back in my Summerhouse. Noone can come inside or leave if i dont let him. Watch my Mighty Size
I am so fucking Big! My hubby is in the Shadow of my Wide Back always
Sure -One Reason that Women Train so hard is that they are sexual frustrated. A Big Women got Big Needs but 99% are build to small everywhere to satisfy me!
I bet you want to fuck that -right?!
Horny as hell
German Powerhouse
Mighty Strong Female Muscles and a mighty strong Cunt
The Weakness of my Hubby upset me! What a Pokemon! Look at this Loser! He is only worth to be my Slave. To Clean and Cook!
I dont allow him to sleep in the same House. I take him to the Garage at Night. He must sleep there.
Now i would have time for -Who???

Watch what i filmed this Summer Completly at and contact me at



Bekleidet bin ich in den Youtube Videos nur weil es Youtube so verlangt. Normal sieht es so aus wie auf den Bildern oben! I am only dressed in the Youtube Videos because of the Youtube Rules. The normal Situation is what you see in the Pictures and in my Clipstore!

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