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Female Fighting /Wrestling Action Berlin Underground Nightclub

Montag, Juli 24th, 2017

Red Devil and Anna Konda ready for Fight

Here you see something of the Action in the Berlin Nightclub Bar Toast Hawaii. Powered by Female Fightclub Berlin. We are there on Stage every second Weekend. Female Fighting, Female Wrestling,  Anna Konda strenght Show and Red Devil Karate Show, Oilwrestling and more.

Jedes zweite Wochenende im Monat könnt ihr mich und die Mädels vom Female Fightclub Berlin im Berliner Nachtclub Toast Hawaii Bar erleben.  Kämpfe Red Devil vs Anna Konda und weitere, Strenghtshow Anna Konda, Karate Show Red Devil, Oilwrestling und mehr.

Red Devil and Anna Konda Posing -Red Devil Stronger and fitter than ever!

Anna Konda join the Ring to make new Prey

Anna Konda lift Red Devil

Anna Konda toss her around

Armbar attack

hard to escape

things Change

red devil must smell the taste of the mighty Anna Konda


fight over


join in for oilwrestling

red devil follow

Lord have mercy what a difference between Anna Konda and Red Devil

Anna Konda pushes

Red Devil is not impressed

Anna Konda vs Red Devil Oilwrestling. Watch and Enjoy the Power of strong Female Bodys!

Anna Konda vs Red Devil Oilwrestling. Watch and Enjoy the Power of strong Female Bodys!

Anna Konda vs Red Devil Oilwrestling. Watch and Enjoy the Power of strong Female Bodys!

Anna Konda vs Red Devil Oilwrestling. Watch and Enjoy the Power of strong Female Bodys!

is it too rough for the audience?

Anna Konda vs Red Devil Oilwrestling. Watch and Enjoy the Power of strong Female Bodys! Red Devil never give up.

in Anna Konda ´s legscissor trap! (?)

Anna Konda vs Red Devil Oilwrestling. Watch and Enjoy the Power of strong Female Bodys!

Anna Konda vs Red Devil Oilwrestling. Watch and Enjoy the Power of strong Female Bodys!

red devil try an armbar in the pool.

in the pool red devils Chance is better than on mats. and she use it.

watch red devils muscles ot work over the giant now

killer instinct! dont want to let her go! not yet.

Anna rip her top down

yeah the giant is down! she worked her over

the audience is on the smaller womans side and red devil says thank you here for their Support!

the winner is who is on top when the countdown is over at the end of the time

red devil Shows muscles

red devil says -oops has i won this??! ….

…yes she has and she knows!

red devil still does muscle posing for her fans

Anna exhausted

and red devil still pose for her fans

oiled Bodys pose -hey Girl what are you doin???

okay Girl. wont you stop???

Anna says – enough!come with me Girl, follow big mommy!

she great her fans and take anna´s congratulation. so steamy hot and wet now in this Basement Club

watch the Trailer:

get the full VIDEO HERE

Melon say: „PENG!

so come and bet who win…

…when they fight there again. in the toast Hawaii Nightclub in Berlin.

Mixed Wrestling! Men on a Mission!

Dienstag, März 7th, 2017

Some Men are on a Mission! They want to Face the Truth! They want to find out what it means to fight a Strong Woman! It is called Mixed Wrestling but infact here it is 10 seconds Mixed Fighting till i break their Resistance and the Rest is their Punishment, Pure Muscledomination i do then and for Cheeky Guys it is also Humiliation! It depends on if i like the Guy or not! I am not a Domina! I am real dominant! So i Show Mercy to good guys and i destroy assholes! No matter what they want! This is not a Service it is an Experience! It is not Roleplay! It can turn out deadly! Never Forget this Fact! Monsieur Poulpe was a nice Funny Guy. I can not hurt These Guys much! Actually they „piss their Pants“ infront of me so my mother Instinct tell me to give him love my way! lol So what you see here is more my Kind of Making Love! So good Guys i smother out with a Juicy Facesit or with a Titsmother under my Big Heavy Boobs! Assholes get their Bones Crushed before they Pass out! These are the differences! Men got no Chance vs a Strong Woman! Never! Important for me to Show this and to Impress al men who come to me! I Need a real Wrestlingstudio for it! My Female Fightclub Berlin! The Hotelbed Wrestling what the Female Sessiontravelers do makes no sense for me. I can not accomplish my Mission in a Hotel Bed! These Videos prove what i say.

Mixed Wrestling Takedown! Resistance broken!

Titsmother Finish

Under the Pressure of a Strong Woman -a Man is a poor helpless Bug! Here the Rear Naked Choke Bodyscissor Crush Combination!

This also make him Sleep!

Filming Female Superiority! Women film here how Women crush Men!


Follow me

Start Squeezing Slow. My Headscissor breaks Necks and Skulls. Should i Squeeze harder now? Phyton Pressure! Anna Konda squeeze!

The Amazon Couch! Means for Amazons ONLY! Not for men!

The Next!

The Next who booked a Flight!

Some Rest! Me at Night in my Female Fightclub Berlin

More Female Fightclub Berlin at Night! The Catwalk Floor, the Oilwrestling Corner and the Doors to the Wrestling Rooms.


watch me doing Mixed Wrestling Matches and Muscledomination HERE!

more Informations about my Studio the Female Fightclub Berlin HERE!

meet me HERE

How i spended my Summer. Mein Sommer.

Donnerstag, Dezember 22nd, 2016

Same like every Year. In my Summerhouse at the Baltic Sea! Training at the Beach. Weightlifting on the Terrace of my Summerhouse and dominating my Hubby! This Shrimp! Wie in jedem Jahr in meinem Sommerhaus an der Ostsee! Wie immer nackt oder fast nackt.



I Train Nude on the Terrace of my Summerhouse

I spend my Summer Nude or in Sexy Outfits. If in my Summerhouse or at the Beach! My Boobs are D-Cup Size

It Feels much better to Train nude. My Cunt is always wet and so it can drop down. Hubby Clean it with a Towel between the Sets.

Watch this Mighty 115kg Female Body at work! Like Shehulk

My Public Outfit.

I Train Outdoor with Weights at Public Places. Ass and Cunt are always free and the Dress is only to Accent my Strong female Body!

Here i have audience. A Tourist Ship Comes by and People watch me.

Who disturb is in Trouble. I love to beat People up and to dominate them this way in at Public Places. Also my Hubby! I like it much if Familys see this. Suprised Tourists.

I got him.

I put him on a Bench and sit down on him! Take my Cunt!

Take it! Always dripping wet, slippery, Salty, Spicy!

So proud to be a Woman. Happy to be gifted with this Superior Female Body!

Relaxed after i forced his Head to satisfy my Cunt!

Legpower Training. Crushing Balls between my Thights. Imagine what those Legs can do with your Body!

I am faster than you. You can not Escape me. I am 115kg and noone is fast like me in deep sand. Imagine what happens if i Bodyslam you now with full Speed!

I catch your neck like the Fox a Chicken. No Escape!

Predator and Prey. I catched my Prey. He is secured.

Labia spreading so my Labia cover his face completly.

Suffocation Situation

All that Shows you how deadly the Female Anatomie is! Now back in my Summerhouse. Noone can come inside or leave if i dont let him. Watch my Mighty Size

I am so fucking Big! My hubby is in the Shadow of my Wide Back always


Sure -One Reason that Women Train so hard is that they are sexual frustrated. A Big Women got Big Needs but 99% are build to small everywhere to satisfy me!

I bet you want to fuck that -right?!

Horny as hell

German Powerhouse

Mighty Strong Female Muscles and a mighty strong Cunt

The Weakness of my Hubby upset me! What a Pokemon! Look at this Loser! He is only worth to be my Slave. To Clean and Cook!

I dont allow him to sleep in the same House. I take him to the Garage at Night. He must sleep there.

Now i would have time for -Who???

Watch what i filmed this Summer Completly at and contact me at



Bekleidet bin ich in den Youtube Videos nur weil es Youtube so verlangt. Normal sieht es so aus wie auf den Bildern oben! I am only dressed in the Youtube Videos because of the Youtube Rules. The normal Situation is what you see in the Pictures and in my Clipstore!

Anna Konda Female Wrestling. My last Fights.

Donnerstag, März 10th, 2016

Here some Pictures of my last Female vs Female Fights. From Tall to small and more Fighting vs Rocket.  Ein Paar Bilder meiner letzten Kämpfe aus meinem Female Fightclub Berlin. Alle Kämpfe seht ihr vollständig hier. All full matches you see here. Most Brutal Female Fighting. Die härtesten Kämpfe -absolut gnadenlos und bis zum bitteren Ende! Nur in meinem Female Fightclub Berlin. Mit meiner Masse von 115kg und meiner Kraft als Strongwoman und Powerlifterin muss ich es kurz machen und kann mich nicht auf Faxen einlassen. Das hier ist Kampf ohne Sport! Fair ist daran nur das der Gegner eingewilligt hat und dann war es das dann auch schon mit Fairness. Dann beginnt die Herrschaft des stärkeren über den schwächeren!

this time i will make it shorter. dieses mal mache ich es kurz.

this time i will make it shorter. dieses mal mache ich es kurz.

ich hab sie. i got her.

ich hab sie. i got her.

no escape. keine flucht möglich.

no escape. keine flucht möglich.

i Show Rocket the meaning of the word "Mamazon"

i Show Rocket the meaning of the word „Mamazon“

a tall strong Lady to fight.

a tall strong Lady to fight.

auf die matte mir dir. takedown.

auf die matte mir dir. takedown.

put the pressure on. ma druck raufgeben.

put the pressure on. ma druck raufgeben.

bodyscissor control/ bodyscissor crush. meine beine kontrollieren und spielen ein bischen

bodyscissor control/ bodyscissor crush. meine beine kontrollieren und spielen ein bischen

game over. das wars.

game over. das wars.

das ist das ende im k.o.choke

das ist das ende im k.o.choke

neue gegnerin

neue gegnerin

overheadlift. gepackt und hochgestemmt

overheadlift. gepackt und hochgestemmt

under control. unter kontrolle

under control. unter kontrolle

Headscissor Backbreaking Crocodile Role. Krokodilrolle bricht Rückgrat.

Headscissor Backbreaking Crocodile Role. Krokodilrolle bricht Rückgrat.

headscissor k.o. crush

headscissor k.o. crush

The first real Challenge for me this Year! Rocket

Dienstag, November 3rd, 2015

She is very a very experienced Female Wrestler. Successful at Worldchampionships Judo, Sambo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing.  We call her Rocket. Not an easy Fight for me! Hardest Female Wrestling. Female Fightclub Berlin Action!

watch it HERE  -you guys can always wrestle us too! MIXEDWRESTLING SESSIONS HERE!

Anna Konda Summertime

Freitag, September 4th, 2015

watch the Videos The Pics are from HERE: Hier findet ihr die Videos!


Meet me i am Dr. Crush and kiss my Massive Strong Butt

Dienstag, Mai 12th, 2015

Come Closer, On Your Knees Wimp and Kiss my Massive Strong Georgeous Butt! Komm Näher, Runter mit dir auf die Knie und Küsse meinen grossen, starken weiblichen Arsch! –SEE MORE, CLICK HERE! By the Way, My Bicep? 50cm !!! More stats:

Anna Konda smelt the Snow -Ich schmelze den Schnee wo auch immer ich nackt steh! hihi

Montag, März 9th, 2015

Me Outdoor Naked in the Snow -See the Videos These Pics are from at and

Mehr davon auf meinen Websites. Wrestlingsessions in Berlin.


Anna Konda Female Muscles

Anna Konda Female Muscles

Anna Konda Female Muscles

Anna Konda Female Muscles

Anna Konda Female Muscles

Anna Konda Female Muscles

Lift and Carry Power -Anna Konda Style! Powerful Thick Female Muscles! BBW or FBB???

Montag, Februar 9th, 2015

A 90kg Guy is Nothing for me. A helpless Toy. Ein 90kg Kerl ist einfach nur hilfloses Spielzeug für mich. Schaut euch an wie ich mit ihm spiele! Lift and Carry Fun and more!


Die Medien über Mich! Vice USA! Vice Germany! Ein Interview, Eine Reportage, Ein Buch und eine Vernisage über mich!

Freitag, Oktober 31st, 2014

Hier die Links zu den Beiträgen: Here the Links to the Interviews, Books, Reportages and Vernisages about me and my Wrestlingstudio the Female Fightclub Berlin!


Reportage (Vice Germany) hier

Interview (Vice USA) hier

Das Buch/ Book vom Lutzmann Verlag. Dort zu bestellen. Über andere Wrestlerinnen und auch mich. Hier: Lutzmann Verlag

Der Grund warum ich die einzige bin, die in Deutschland das Frauenwrestling repräsentiert ist, das ich die einzige bin der es hier wirklich um die Sache geht.  Die wirklich etwas aufbaut! Gegen Widerstände von Leuten für die ich und mein Studio ein Störfaktor sind. Das einzig wirklich Deutsche Frauenwrestlingstudio und das ist kein Rassismus, genausowenig wie der Begriff Made in Germany rassistisch ist! Ich bin eben kein Dienstleister in einer Branche! Ich bin ich! Ein Typ! Eine Frau die Dominanz lebt und dafür kämpft! Mit steigender Popularität steigt auch der Neid derer die sowas nie erreichen werden und gar nicht verstehen wieso und derer denen ich einfach ihre Weltordnung durcheinanderbringe! Beleidigungen und Lügen über mich die dann verbreitet werden sind wie Applaus! Sie sind der Applaus meiner Feinde. Die wissen sich eben nicht anders zu helfen in ihrer Not! Sie sind ja weit weg und ich kann ihnen nichts tun! Meine Fans können nur darüber lachen!  Ich behaupte nicht nur das ich die Stärkste wäre sondern ich kämpfe dafür. Das ich verstanden werde von den Medien und den Leuten, zeigen die Super Kommentare auf die Beiträge und auch die Kritiken wie die hier: